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A very short sample of the PBS mini series that i was blessed to be part of. Mark's Dare Devil Performance.

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Virtual Mark.

Welcome to the virtual Mark Gindick, VPC-VOD: Virtual Physical Comedy Career On Demand.

Here’s what's going in 2014 for Mark:

With several opportunities afloat, and eyes and ears out there on the perfromance seas, Mark's one-man theaterical show Wing-Man is sailing toward residencies, shows and workshops, with new creative multi-media platforms and directions on the current horizon.

Hungry and energetic Mark makes some professional bacon and burns some creative fat by performing a la carte corporate gigs, teaching, auditioning for national long-running fortune 100 television commercials, Broadway to Off-Broadway gigs, film, television and circus.

Live theatrical Mark.alt

After workshopping his award-winning one-man show Wing-Man in places like NYC, Austin Texas, Rochester NY, and Warsaw Poland, Mark will be building his show in residency at the New York City College of Technology, Entertainment Division also known as City Tech. Mark's working with his brand new amazing creative team, merging old school clowning with new school technology. For more information visit: wingmantheshow.com



Dancing Mark.

After working with the great, Bessie award-winning Doug Elkins and Friends' Fraulein Maria, Mark will be performing a brand new piece with MR. Elkins and taking it on the road. The show Hapless Bizarre is a company of dancers, actors and clowns coming together to explore the sharp intersection between physical comedy, choreography, flirtation and romance. For more information visit: dougelkinschoreography.com 


Pixel and Celluloid Mark.

Samples worth your time:
Run away with the circus and follow Mark in the PBS documentary CIRCUS by the producers SHOW OF FORCE. This six-hour series takes you on an unforgettable trip with the legendary Big Apple Circus. From the big top to the "back lot"- where the real heart of the circus beats-- explore a distinctive world with its own rules, lingo and no fixed address. Get involved with the diverse characters who make up the Big Apple family. Share their fears and frustrations, triumphs and failures and find out what it really means to live life in the ring. Circus on PBS

Julie & Julia

Netflixing or Hulu-ing, you can catch Mark and his spatula in cooking scenes with Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia.


A little piece of Mark!

Click the box below and watch something short and sweet...

Mark Gindick's Demo Reel